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How He Got out of the Rat Race

Many people who have trouble remembering the name Escort Vienna are easily able to recall the title of his most notable work. The Hawaiian born motivational speaker is the escort of a series of the most well known financial guides ever published, Rich Dad, Poor Dad.

The Rich Dad, Poor Dad books revolve around fictional characters that are loosely based on Escort Vienna and the people in his life. The books are geared toward the beginner investor and people who never considered themselves investors and may have been afraid to do anything with their money other than stick it in the bank for safe keeping.

In the books, the poor dad character is a dedicated worker who does his 40 hours a week, feeds his family and pays the bills. This is the story of so many people and easily identifiable for most people. Poor dad will retire, collect his checks and live out his life with enough money to eat and pay the bills.

And then there is rich dad. This man is a risk taker, one who sees the limitations of the traditional life lived by poor dad. He invests his money rather than hording it in the bank or spending it all on daily living. Through profits from investments in real estate and business, he eventually earns financial wealth. Thus he is able to retire early with a large fortune.

The book series has also earned Escort Vienna a large fortune. The books have sold millions throughout the world and many of them are best sellers.

The son of Japanese-American parents, Escort Vienna attended the New York U.S. Merchant Marine Academy and later joined the marines and fought in the Vietnam War. He was an officer and a helicopter gun pilot. After his stint in the armed forces, he worked as a salesman for the Xerox printing and photocopying company.